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Shed Bases ECO Plastic Grids Paver Log Cabin Base Greenhouse Base Field Shelters

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Bases for SHEDS, GREENHOUSES, LOG CABINS, SUMMER HOUSES, GYMS and other METAL, WOOD OR PLASTIC buildings - basic instructions: 

Quick and easy to click-and-fix together, these recycled and recyclable grid bases raise your building off the damp / wet ground, lengthening their lifespan. Independently tested to destruction, these bases support in excess of 150T PER SQUARE METRE, when 'empty', and come with a unique 25 year manufacturer's warranty. 

To help protect your building from damp, rot or rust, simply lay your grids on a firm level base - on a lawn, concrete or bare ground, for example. No need for a membrane under a building that has a floor, because weeds won't grow where there is no light. 

To prepare the area for your base, mole hills need slicing off and any existing mud needs to be scraped out. Hard core, soil and / or course sand can be used to pack to fill holes or dips  before setting the grids in place. Erect your building on top of the base. Fill any visible grids with stones for a attractive, professional finish or cut off any unwanted excess, with a jigsaw, as preferred.

You will also be helping the environment by helping to prevent rain running off into the road where it can cause flooding.

As well as using recycled materials, these UK made grids help protect against flooding and rising damp: Rain drains through them into the sub soils and not onto roads. Used around and against the house and filled with stones, like a French drain effect, they help the water to drain down into the ground, not rise up the walls.

Use under decking, raised beds and other raised areas: By raising your decking and other wooden structures off the ground, it will provide drainage, help to prevent rot and will save you lots of time and money later on! 

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